back biting…

my little vampire Judah...

my little vampire Judah…

We all know that back biting can be bad.  When we take those moments to stab someone in the back figuratively with our words it’s not only wrong, but also can be very painful.  That being said, we have another form of painful back biting going on in my house right now…the teething kind.  For the past week, our son Judah has been going through another bad case of teething.  Normally this would just make him grumpy, whiny, and maybe a little feverish.  This time, however, he has gotten into the bad habit of doing sneak attack back bites on his big sister.  We don’t see it coming and it happens very quickly.  Usually our first clue that it has happened is an ear piercing scream from Maeven and then we find a little red bite mark on her back.  Erin and I are making sure to correct Judah and let him know that this is not acceptable and can’t happen.  The good news is that the frequency of biting is slowing down and we are making progress.  The bad news is I don’t know how much longer big sister is going to keep from really decking her little vampire brother!


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