first time sledding…

Enjoying our first time sledding!

Enjoying our first time sledding!

I finally got my winter wish yesterday as we were coved in about 6 inches of snow.  For the first time in the three years since Maeven arrived there was enough snow for me to go sledding with the kids.  I wanted to give them a fun time of first snow experiences that they would never forget.  I managed to four wheel drive into town in the morning where I got a sled for the kiddos and picked up some snow cream supplies.

That afternoon when I finished working the KMM office I returned home and Erin and I were joined by my sister and one of our friends to take the kids sledding on the hill behind our house.  Both kids had a blast going down the hill.  Neither of them really liked it when we went through deep snow and it blew in their faces.  After a few trips down the hill Maeven decided she didn’t need any of us riding with her anymore and that she wanted to sled all by herself.  Judah lasted about 30 minutes and Maeven made it out in the cold for over an hour. She would have stayed out longer, but I could tell she was getting cold and had to make her go in.

After supper we had a family night with Erin, the kiddos, and I.  Judah and Maeven joined me in the kitchen and helped mix up a batch of snow cream.  Neither of them had ever had it before and loved it.  We each got our own bowl and then went in and watched Beauty and the Beast together.  All in all, it was a great day of firsts for our family!


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