another day out of huddles…

relentless-ppt-frontThe bad weather continues to hit us here in Beattyville and tomorrow our students will be out of school yet again.  This week we have missed everyone one of our FCA huddle days due to the weather and with what’s in the future forecast, it doesn’t look good for next week.  I wrote a couple of weeks ago asking for prayer for our students as we have missed our times of discipleship and Bible study with them.  We want to continue to to ask for your prayers as it looks to be even longer before we meet with our students.  We have been able to make contact with some of the students and some even came over to our house for a Super Bowl party where we had a time of prayer and a devotion.  However, most of our students we haven’t been able to catch up with.  Please pray that they will be faithful to pursue growing closer to Christ through personal prayer, Bible study, and going to church.  Also, pray that this weather will let up and we can get back to our weekly huddles and Bible study!


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