have you had your check up???

Health Screening Flyer 2014One of the things that I love about working at the Rec Center ministry where I am do, is that we are able to reach two vital needs people have.  We are able to reach their physical needs and their spiritual needs.  Through reaching the physical need with our fitness center, health screenings, Biggest Loser contest, and various other activities we try to get our community concerned with and looking to take care of themselves physically.  As they do so we want to build relationships with them in order to share the love of Christ and connect them with local churches and Bible studies, and in some cases even Christian counseling.  In 1 Corinthians we read of how the Apostle Paul says that he became all thing or became a servant to all in order to see more people saved.  Here we see a need of how people are really struggling in our area physically and want to become a place and an outreach to help them take control of their lives physically in order to help reach them wherever they are spiritually.

Currently, we are having our annual Biggest Loser contest at the Rec Center to help challenge and help our community meet their weight loss goals.  We presently have over 20 people in the contest and many are seeing results.  Later this month we are having a free health screening in partnership with our local hospital and health department.  Anyone in the community can come in and get screened for various issues like blood pressure, lipid panels and much more for FREE!  It’s a great chance for people who don’t want to spend the money for these tests to make sure they are doing ok physically. And most importantly it’s another chance for us to get people in the door to build relationships that lead to Jesus.

Please keep myself, our staff, and all the ministries of the Lee County Recreational Center (www.leecountyreccenter.com) in your prayers.  We want to serve our community and be a shining light for Christ in our community.


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