praying for speed…

When I first moved back to rural Kentucky, I left the high speed internet world behind.  When I had my phone line installed at my house I asked the AT&T guys how long I would have to wait for high speed and they told me wait two years.  slow-computerThat was in 2005 and 2007 came and went long ago and I still don’t have that promised high speed.  By 2008 a little progress was made in the form of satellite internet.  While this was a  vast improvement, the ability to do so much that DSL, cable, fiberoptic, or T1 internet allows has been missing.  From keeping the Rec Center website more up to date and posting videos to even the ability to stream Netflix as a family.

It looks as though we finally might be making progress though.  For the past few month the phone company trucks have been out and about running lines for internet.  And in just the past few weeks they have been even and more visible.  From what I have been told maybe with in the next few weeks we will be able to get connected at my house and then by May at the Rec Center.  I know this sounds trivial, but please pray with us that this will become a reality.  How much this can help the Rec Center cannot be over stated.  Not only can I do a better job of working on the Rec Center website, but I can do more advertising and fund raising for our Center.  The biggest need is that the Rec Center can finally become a wifi website.  This allows us to draw in tourists who can come in and keep in touch with family and friends and do work online.    Getting people into our facility to use the internet will be a huge draw that helps us financially and gives us an opportunity to build even more relationships that lead to the Gospel.

So, please in the next few weeks pray hard with us that these promises of high speed internet will indeed become a reality!


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