taking my princess to see princesses…

my princess and me...

my princess and me…

Tonight is the night where I prove how much my daughter Maeven has me wrapped around her little finger.  Tonight I am taking Maeven, who will be fully dressed as a princess, to see Disney on Ice!  Don’t get me wrong, I love my little girl and we both love Disney characters.  We are hoping to go to Disney World next year if all goes well.  But a night full of princesses who are “rockn’  ever after,” on ice, might just test my loyalty.  But, the excitement Maeven has had over going has made it all worth while.  I can’t wait to see her smile big and eyes grow wide as she takes it all in.  Who knows?  Maybe a smile will grow on my face and my eyes will get wide too?  Then again that might be just from looking up at all he UK banners in the rafters at Rupp Arena!


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