FCA Leadership Camp is just around the corner…

All_In_BlackLast night some of our teens that are going to be on next year’s Leadership team and go with us to camp, came over our house.  We did a devotion with them where I shared with them our hope for them going to FCA Leadership Camp with us this summer.  Our hope is that this summer they will be sponges who will take in and learn all about being able to share and defend their faith with their fellow students.  We are also hoping and praying that during their time at Leadership Camp they will be open to God’s calling for the direction in their life and may even be led into full time ministry.

After our devotion we talked with our students about raising the needed funds to go to camp.  Each student needs to raise $225 for their camp fees and we need to raise about $2,200 total in order to cover the cost of camp and transportation for everyone going.  Our students are actually sending out letters to various family and friends to raise funds and possibly speaking in their home churches.

If you would like to partner with our students financially we would love your help.  Above all though please be praying for our students that not only would the funds for camp come through, but that they would go to Leadership camp open and ready for God to work in their lives.  Pray that they would go and be trained to be even more bold in their faith.  And pray that maybe some or all would be called to serve Him full time!


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