Sponsors, Golfers, and Carts Needed!!!

01. Golf Scramble 2014 PosterIt’s that time of year again, we are gearing up and getting ready for our annual Rec Center Golf Scramble Fundraiser on Saturday, May 10th at the Beattyville Country Club!  I am currently busy going around trying to find sponsors for our event and asking local businesses and individuals to consider sponsoring a hole at only $25 a hole.  We are also busy inviting golfers to come and participate in the scramble.  Another thing we are needing golfer’s with carts to come to our event. The course we use doesn’t own it’s own carts and we rely on members and other golfers to supply carts for the scramble.  So if you have a cart, please please bring it.  Lastly, please pray for good weather on the day of our Golf Scramble.  Beautiful weather means a great day of golf for our golfers and a better chance of a large turn out!   As we are working on getting our air conditioning up and running for the summer, we really need this event to go well to help with our finances.  Please pray for us, come join us for golf or to eat lunch, and consider how you can help out The Lee County Recreational Center!!! Hope to see you at our event!


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