May 1st – Leadership Camp Fundraising Update…

the 2013 LCHS Leadership Team at FCA Leadership Camp!

the 2013 LCHS Leadership Team at FCA Leadership Camp!

Since last week when I wrote to you about helping support our FCA students as they are raising funds to go to Leadership Camp this summer, much has happened.  God has truly been blessing and funds have been coming in already.  Since that last post we have had one student who wanted to go to camp, drop out, and two more decide to join our Leadership team and go to camp this summer.  This changes our financial landscape a little bit.  Before our goal was to raise $2,200 to take all students and chaperones to camp.  With the addition of one more student than we were planning on, we now need to raise at least $2,425 to cover the cost over everyone’s camp fees and travel expenses.  God is already at work with almost $1,000 of this money already raised!!!  We are truly excited and blessed by the generosity of family and friends of our students.  Please keep praying for us as we prepare for camp.  This coming Tuesday night we start a Bible study on becoming a true follower of Christ and not a fan with our Leadership team.  Pray that as we prepare to go to camp that God will use our Bible study and their personal quiet times to begin to prepare them for all they will learn at camp and to give them a heart to share Him with others.  Also, please not only pray for all these needs, but ask God how He might want you to partner with us in taking these students to Leadership Camp?  It may be your support and prayers that God uses in the lives of one of our students to set Lee County High School and the world on fire for Christ!


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