big boy bed…

Our Big Boy!

Our Big Boy!

Since Judah’s birth he has been using the same crib and is probably the 4th or 5th child to use the crib.  It’s  been a huge blessing, but our mobile wild little boy has definitely outgrown it.  We’ve been worried for awhile that we would awake one mooring to the thud of our active little guy climbing out and falling onto the floor.

So this week, with the help of my dad we brought the bunk beds that I used all through middle and high school home to become Judah’s first big boy bed.  For about three hours on Saturday, without the aid of directions, I slowly put it together.  It’s a nice wooden set of bunk beds that has a single bunk on top and a double bunk on the bottom.  Judah was so excited that he kept trying to come into his room to check on what Daddy was busy building.

Once the bed was complete Judah was so excited that he kept climbing up one side of the bottom bunk and bouncing across the bed to the far side where he would climb down, run around, and start the process all over again.  He was also overjoyed to find that he had a new blanket on the bed that has elephants on it!  During his first night in the bed, Judah did great staying in the bed all night and even waiting for his Mommy before he got out of bed during the morning.

While, I know this is just a simple maybe even boring post for most, it’s just another milestone in the life of my sweet little Judah that makes me smile.  He’s growing up so quickly and is a true joy and blessing to our family!  Now, I just hope he keeps staying in that bed at night!


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