making the storms go away…

my sweet little techies...

my sweet little techies…

Don’t worry I am not writing  a blog that says how to make storms of life, literally or figuratively, go away.  No, I am writing about one of my favorite subjects my children.  Last night our family returned home from church and we got the kiddos ready to go to bed.  Once everyone was in pi’s, teeth brushed, last potty stops, had a story, and prayed, my wife and I sat down for what we thought would be a good evening of relaxing and watching some television.  About 20 minutes into the show we were watching a bad storm came through and we quickly lost electric at our house.

When the power went out the storms grew louder and the rain pounding on our house and the noise of thunder and lightning frightened both of our children to the point of screams.  As they screamed and cried loudly Erin and I divided and conquered to spend time with the kiddos helping calm them.  Between getting some good cuddles and my son deciding he was safe and thus could pull on Dad’s beard, within an hour both kids were calm and felt safe because mom and dad were there.  Finally Judah went to sleep and after another snack and another prayer time Maeven decided it was time for her to sleep.

When I finally made it through the dark to my own bedroom, I had to smile at how just being with our kids brought them so much calm and peace in the midst of a scary night.  I was glad that we could be there for them and thanked God for those two sweet blessings.  I also had to spend some time just thanking God, that we too can cry out in the night of our scary times and that He is there to comfort us and help us make it through whatever storm life is throwing at us.  He has promised to never leave me nor forsake me and that brings me so much peace and contentment.  I am constantly amazed at how God uses my own children to show me more about how much he loves us.  I am truly blessed by my God!


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