Leadership Camp is next week….please pray for our Students!!!

All_In_BlackAs the title of this post says, our FCA Leadership Camp is only a week away.  On Thursday, June 26th, we will be heading out with our students for Campbellsville University for Leadership Camp.  God has blessed and all the finances needed for our family, a teacher sponsor, and eight students to go to camp arrived!  We even were blessed with enough extra to cover everyone’s food and fuel on the way to and from camp!

Not only did I want to share with you about how our group was blessed, but also to ask you to keep praying for our students.  They are going to be trained in sharing and defending their faith through out the camp.  They will also be challenged by testimonies of what other students are doing for Christ in their schools.  And the biggest challenge of all is that on the last day of camp they will take everything they have learned and go out into Campbellsville and do door to door evangelism.   Please pray that this training and encouragement will really impact their lives for Christ.  Pray that our students will develop a passion for sharing Christ with their friends, family, and everyone they meet.  We also ask you to pray that maybe through this week some of students will be called to possibly attend a Christian/Bible College and even consider full time ministry.

We would also ask you to pray for our family and our teacher sponsor.  We also will be able to participate in training session and hear some great speakers.  It is a truly great time of spiritual refreshment and encouragement for us, so pray that we will be sponges absorbing all we participate in.  Also, pray for Maeven and Judah as they attend a mini camp for the kids of the leaders.  Maeven had a great time last year and can’t wait to participate again this summer.  We are praying that even at a young age God will use FCA camp to impact our children so that they will one day accept Him as their personal savior.

Next week is going to be a great week, so please please keep praying with us!


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