feeling tired, but happy

me and my boy...

me and my boy…

Last night as I was just starting to finally get into some good sleep, I heard the sound of my son Judah starting to cry.  I had checked on him a little bit earlier and he sat up to look at me which is never a good sign, but it took him a few minutes to work it into a cry.  I laid in bed hoping he would go to sleep, but the cry kept working its way into weeping and so I pulled myself out of bed and went to check on Judah.

I found him curled into a little ball sobbing.  so I ducked down so that I wouldn’t crack my head on his top bunk and gently talked to him and rubbed his back.  He kept crying and so I had to crawl in next to him before he would finally stop crying.  For the next hour or so I had to stay with Judah, because every time I tried to head back to my bed he would start to cry again.  Finally he drifted into a deep enough sleep that I was able to slip out without waking him up.

This morning I find myself really dragging and feeling the effects of losing much needed sleep last night.  Yet, there is something that makes me happy knowing that my son just needed his dad there for him to feel safe enough to sleep.  Each day Judah’s little personality keeps growing and even though I know he’s a momma’s boy, there are times when he just needs his Dad and I can help but smile and think how great that is!


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