starting to click…

my sweet Maeven...

my sweet Maeven…

The past week has been a very busy one for my children.  They have been going like crazy to camp, VBS, and church.  On Sunday, Maeven was even promoted to the next Sunday School age group and moved into Children’s Church.  Through all these experiences both kids have been hearing more and more about Jesus.  Erin and I also, read with our kids each night and do a small devotional and prayer time with them as well.  Judah is still a rambunctious toddler  and keeping him still is the biggest challenge, but Maeven is really listening to what she is being taught at camp, church, and home.  She came home from VBS on Saturday to let me know that Jesus is alive!!!  Then on Sunday, she talked with me all about what she had learned about Jonah in children’s church.  On Monday morning I took Maeven with me to pick up a little girl who was coming to grade school camp at YHBC this week.  Maeven wanted to know why we needed to pick up the little girl.  I told her that we needed to bring the little girl to camp so that she could hear about Jesus at camp.  Maeven was very excited and said this little girl needs to know Jesus is alive!  While I know from our conversations that Maeven is still a little while from understanding what it means to accept Christ as her Savior, I am so very excited to see things starting to click with her and her to begin to understand.  I am also excited to see the love she has for going to church and Bible camp and learning about Jesus and the joy she has for other people learning about Him as well.  Please pray for both my children that at a young age they will decide to follow Christ and that God will use them to do great things for his Kingdom!


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