2014 FCA Leadership Camp – Day 2 Update

All_In_BlackDay 2 of FCA Leadership Camp has came to a close.  While I am completely exhausted as I write this post before heading to bed, I am so very excited about all that God is doing here!

This morning our students were up bright and early for devotional time and calisthenics and a brisk morning run before breakfast.  While most probably cringed at the thought of the run, we loved that they were up and ready to go with diving into God’s Word as the first priority of the day!

During the morning our students had a morning chapel session where they were challenged to seek out the voice of God in their lives to see how he is calling them to serve.  The speaker did an excellent job of challenging the students to get serious about their time in the Word and prayer so that they will be able to discern the will of God clearly.

Following morning chapel the students had a couple of hours where they were either meeting with their huddle groups discussing the Word or involved in various competition games around the Campbellsville University campus.  It was during this time, that myself and the other huddle coaches, sponsors, and leaders gathered for a time of fellowship.  We introduced ourselves to one an another and shared about the various FCA things we are doing and how God is working in our schools.  It was a huge encouragement to me personally to see how God is moving through FCA and changing the lives of students around the country!

Right before lunch the students gathered back in the chapel for a time of Campus Ministry training.  This is where they are trained on how to do our weekly huddles in the school and impact their schools for Christ.  As always our goal is to get our huddles more student led and so this is a great time of encouraging and training our Lee County students to do just that.

In the afternoon our students were able to enjoy some free time.  Many took naps or showers, but some played basketball and various other activities.  Myself and Maeven went to the pool for a swim.  She was however very excited to find a couple of our students were going swimming and that the teenagers were going to play with her.  So getting pulled around and thrown in the water was a blast for my giggling little 3 year old!

This evening the students were treated to testimonies from two different college basketball players about how God has worked in their lives.  Our girls were especially excited to hear from Sarah Hammond who plays basketball for the University of Louisville.

The evening service was once again kicked off with a great time of worship as we sang praises to the Father.  Our speaker used the first nine verses of the book of  Joshua tonight to challenged our students on three truths about an all in leader.  He told them that an All In Leader trusts the promises of God, trusts the presence of God, and is committed to the Word of God.  He also encouraged the students that God does not call them because of what they can do, but because of what God can do through them.  I have been very encouraged this week at how clear our speaker has been in speaking truth to our students.  God promises that the truth of His word will not return void, and I can not wait to see how God is going to use this week’s messages of truth in the lives of our students.

It’s time I head to bed now though, but as we head into day 3 be praying for our students.  They will be heading out Saturday afternoon to share their faith with complete strangers.  Pray that just like Joshua they will be bold and courageous for Christ!


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