2014 FCA Leadership Camp – Day 3 Update

IMG_2848I want to start off with an apology.  Due to the late hour I got back to our room from chapel service this update will be a bit more brief than my last two.  That being said, I will try to be more thorough when I write my final camp updated tomorrow!

Today was a busy but blessed day.  Our students were challenged in chapel this morning to not only listen for the call of God, but to go and make disciples.  The speaker challenged them to be leaders that were causing others to follow Christ.

The big event of today was the Faith Building Trip. All week long the students have been receiving training on sharing their faith and being All In for Christ.  Today they were able to put that training into action as they went into the streets of Campbellsville and went door to door sharing their faith.  As soon as they returned to campus we met them for a time of sharing about all they had experienced.  All 8 of our students really enjoyed their time sharing and definitely had to step out of their comfort zones.  I challenged them to go back home and to their schools and not wait for opportunities to share Jesus, but to use today’s experience to realize they need to make their own opportunities to share Him.

In this evening’s chapel service the students heard another great message from our speaker Ken Watson.  He challenged the students again on what an All In Leader needs to be. Using I Timothy he challenged them that an all leader needs to be willing to flee from certain things, needs to be willing to follow those who will lead them towards Christ, needs to be willing to fight when Satan throws things at them, and an All In Leader must be found faithful.  He encouraged them that God will take faithfulness over talent every time.   One thing he challenged the students to be is faithful to their role in our local FCA Huddles this school year.  This is a challenge that we pray our students will take to heart as we seek to seek LCHS and LCMS changed for Christ!

Please pray for our students as they begin their last day of camp today that God will keep working in their hearts and that they will become All In Leaders for Christ!


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