almost time for ALL IN…


One week from today, I will be waking up bright and early to head to Lee County High School for our first FCA Huddle of the year.  Then two days later I will be heading to Lee County Middle School for the first LCMS FCA Huddle of the year.  This year we are really excited to get back to our students as we challenge them to go “All In” in their relationships with Christ.  We are going to be challenging them to set aside all those things that hold them back from being totally devoted to Christ.  Please begin praying in this upcoming week that God will already be working in the hearts of our students.  Pray that this will be the year where they will totally be “All In” for Christ and as a result we will see a revival in our school system.  Pray for myself, my wife, and all our teachers that help with FCA.  Pray that we will be a true example of Christ to our students both in our words and our actions!  God is going to do something great this year in our FCA, please join in as a prayer partner!!!


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