pray for Judah…

Judah snacking...

Judah snacking…


After writing the post below this morning, we took Judah to his ear appointment.  We are excited to share that all his tests came back great and that there is no problem with his hearing.  This means that now he will be all clear to begin receiving speech therapy.  Please keep praying for him as he goes through this therapy that he will be a able to communicate easily and soon!


This afternoon Erin and I will be taking our son, Judah, to a hearing specialist. If you know Judah, at all you know that he is a very sweet boy who loves his elephants and dinosaurs. Over the past few months we have become concern because his speech has not really progressed that much, especially compared with where his sister Maeven’s speech was at this point. Judah has a few words that he says really well, but hasn’t really added much to his vocabulary and most of the time when he talks with us we can’t understand him at all. So a few weeks ago, Erin called a state program that helps with speech therapy. Before he can be enrolled in speech therapy, they are sending us today to see a hearing specialist to make sure that there are no serious hearing issues that could be impeding speech progress. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for Judah. First of all, please join us in praying that there are no serious hearing issues and that he would be able to start communicating well with some speech therapy. If there is a hearing issue, please join us in praying that it will be something that won’t be too rough on him to get corrected. We are so thankful for our little boy and appreciate your prayers for him! Hopefully soon, he can tell us how much he loves elephants clearly!


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