challenging students to be All In…

ResizeImage.aspxAs I have mentioned in previous blog posts our FCA theme this year is All In.  Through out the school year we are challenging our students to be All In when it comes to their relationships with Christ.   So far this year, I have been able to talk to the students about how God is all in for them, the world is all in for them, and this week I have been challenging the students that they need to be All In.

One of the cool things about this week’s lesson is the way God ties all things together and how when it comes to God there are no coincidences.  Over the summer with our FCA Leadership team we did a Bible study based on the Not A Fan: Teen Edition.  Through that study we talked with our students about how God is wanting us to be followers who are all in for Him and not fans who lack dedication.  In that study one of the main passages we studied was Luke 9:23, where Jesus says that in order to be His disciples we must be willing to deny our ourselves and daily pick up our crosses and follow Him.  Throughout the study we challenged our students that when you are a true follower of Christ it will cost you something.  Being All In for Christ always comes with a cost.

This week’s FCA study that we are doing in our weekly Huddles, also used Luke 9:23 as the main passage when talking about how our students (and all Christians) need to be All In for Christ.  It is so exciting for me as I teach, to be able to see how God has been tying all our studies together to point our students to what it means to be a true All In follower of Christ.  Getting to once again talk to students about what denying themselves and taking up their crosses truly looks like.  How it means being willing to put Christ first and pay whatever it costs to follow him, whether that be humiliations, loss of relationships, suffering, and even death.  Because the we know that as followers Christ has promised He will always be with us and that one day we will spend forever with Him in Heaven.

God is truly working in the lives of our FCA students and we are excited to watch them grow into All In followers of Christ.  Please pray for them as they daily seek to deny themselves and take up their crosses!


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