great, affordable, festival food…

pizzainboxThis weekend is the big annual Woolly Worm Festival here in Beattyville.  The town will be filled with all kinds of food and craft booths as well as tons of other things to spend your money on.  In the middle of all the madness, we will have a booth for the Lee County Recreational Center.  At our booth we will have pizza, sodas, ice cream, and much more.  The best part is that compared to a lot of the other Festival foods ours will be not only among the best tasting, but also probably the best value.  Our booth not only is a great fundraiser in general for the Lee County Recreational Center, but due to the festival we don’t get a lot of traffic through the Rec Center.  So the booth helps make up for a lot of needed income that would be lost otherwise this weekend.  So if you are in Beattyville, KY this weekend for the big Woolly Worm Festival stop by the Lee County Recreational Center booth, get some great food and support a great ministry!


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