tired but thankful…

getting the students ready to hear from our speaker...

getting the students ready to hear from our speaker…

This past Friday night we held our annual Fall Teen Lock-In at the Lee County Recreational Center.  130 teens came out to this outreach and had a great night of bowling, games, movies, and lots of fun.  Most importantly though, KMM Missionary Mark Coburn shared a devotion with the students where the Gospel was very clearly presented.  Please join us in praying that we will be able to follow up with our students and that the seed that were planted during the lock-in will see many teens accept Christ as Savior!

Also, please be praying for myself and all the staff who gave of their time for this outreach.  I know personally I was blessed with plenty of energy to make it through the night, but now two days later I am really feeling sluggish and wiped out.  Pray that we will have plenty of energy for all that is going on this week and in the coming weeks!

Our lock-ins are a great opportunity to reach our local teens for Christ.  We have another coming up on New Year’s eve and would love for you to join us as a chaperone!  Start resting up now so you can join us December 31st!


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