a quick road trip…

IMG_3310The past three days have been a blur, but a very fun blur.  I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago with my father and two friends to pick up some equipment for Youth Haven Bible Camp at Moody Bible Institute and also to spend some time at Moody recruiting for next summer’s camp staff, possible interns, and even full time staff.  Even though the trip was really quick it was great to be able to see a few friends at Moody and share with the students about opportunities with KMM and YHBC.

Another great thing was that I was able to spend some time walking around the city showing our friends some of my favorite spots and just going down memory lane a little bit.  Chicago definitely has had a special place in my life and I am so very thankful for all my experiences there and at Moody.  I am also thankful and blessed for the opportunities that God has given me to go back and visit almost every year since I left in 2005.

As I now have returned back home to Kentucky, I am praying that God will take more Moody students that are being challenged and growing in their Faith in Chicago and Moody and call them to work with us here in Kentucky.  Please join me in praying this same prayer!


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