quality floor time…

love these two munchkins!

love these two munchkins!

Last night, I came up stairs from a few hours of doing office work in order to get ready for the upcoming week.  When I entered the living room I was greeted by my little curly headed Judah, who was raising his claws at me and growling like a bear.  There was only one thing to do, get down on the floor and growl back at him!

As soon as I sat down on the floor I was immediately attacked.  Judah came running at me full steam and jumped at me.   I hadn’t seen my daughter Maeven, sitting in a chair behind me and before I knew it she came flying at me from behind.  For the next 30 minutes or so we had an epic wrestling/tickling match.  There were lots of giggles, screams, and belly laughs had by all.  The moment I thought we were through, someone would grab onto my neck or jump on my back and the battle was back on.

It was a great reminder that my children’s love language is quality time.  More than movies, toys, or anything else, they just want time with their Dad.  As the end of the year approaches things are getting more and more busy and to be honest quite often overwhelming.  In the midst of feeling like I am drowning in all that, I am so thankful for the reminder from God last night about how much quality time is important to my kids.  No matter how busy the calendar looks, there must always be times for those wrestling matches, book readings, and just being tackled.  I never want to take for granted the blessing that God has given me in my sweet kiddos!


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