reflecting on year 33…

Yesterday, I was blessed to celebrate my 34th Birthday.   I am very thankful for the many birthday wishes I got in person, on Facebook, and via text.  My 33rd year of life was a good year, but also challenging in many ways as I look back on it.  I loved that I had the opportunity to grow as a person, husband, and father.  The most exciting thing that happened was being able to be with my daughter Maeven as she accepted Christ as her personal Savior!  There have been some great ministry highs as we have seen many of our FCA students rise as leaders and also seen students accept Christ as their personal Savior!

This year has also been a challenging one for me as I began to look at things that I have and haven’t accomplished in my life thus far.  Staring into another year of life I realize there are things I would really like to do such as further my education.  The opportunity to grow in knowledge and in my relationship with Christ via continuing education is very exciting to me.  To be honest on thing I found in year 33 that both in my self education and even some parts of my spiritual life I really feel like I have grown stagnate.  Not that I have regressed, but honestly like I have not done a good job of growing and challenging myself.  That’s one thing I really want to change in year 34.   I have begun searching out online classes that I can take to further education, but so far have been a bit disappointed as I didn’t realize how financially challenging that this would be.  In the mean time I am looking at other ways to continue learning and growing and ask your prayers as I seek God’s guidance.

I have also, been challenged over the course of this past year as I look to my role in full time ministry.  I still have no doubt that God has called me into full time sports ministry.  Sports ministry, is still a passion of mine as I love how God can use sports to cross so many age, race, and other various boundaries with the Gospel.  My challenge come in to wondering what I can do to improve my role in full time ministry.  What things can I do better?  What things do I need to differently?   Am I where I can best serve God?  What boundaries do I need to set to protect family time versus ministry time? Where can I find wise counsel and friendship on a regular basis?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not ready to pack up and leave the ministry that I am in by any means.  Much like my thoughts on education, I don’t want to be stagnate in ministry either.  I want to be growing and see the Kingdom of God expanded and thriving through God working through me in ministry.  In year 33 there have been times when I honestly have really felt discouraged, overwhelmed, frustrated, and lonely. Those things I know at various points have kept me from being at my best as a missionary, husband, and father.  Often times it felt  more like survival than progression.

One day into year 34 as I write this post, I am not writing so people will think I am in a funk, depressed, and have pity on me.  No, I am writing, because I need your prayers.   I want to be a husband and father this year who is growing in my relationship with Christ and being the best Dad possible through my relationship with Christ.   I want to be growing in my relationship with Christ so that I can best serve Him wherever and in whatever role He will use me.   I want to seek Christ more to find encouragement in times of depression, loneliness and just being overwhelmed.  Don’t get me wrong year 33 had many great and good things happen for which I am truly thankful.  I just ask that you pray that I will be totally focused on Christ in year 34 and that every aspect of my life will be impacted as a result.


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