exciting new opportunity…

biblestudyFor the past two years Erin and I have taught the teen Sunday School class at our church.  We have definitely enjoyed our time getting to know the students and sharing how much Christ loves them each week.  One of my passions was to be encouraging our students to grow deeper in their faith in Christ, to know what they believe and why, and to move from being fans of Jesus to true devoted followers.  I am excited about the growth we have seen in our students and for the opportunities to plant seeds in others.

Erin and I have now been asked to move from our teen Sunday School class to help start a Sunday School class for college/young adults.  This has been a group in our church and many others that is often forgotten as they are transitioning from being students to being adults.  It’s also a group that we are passionate about working with as so many in this age group often walk away from the church and their faith.  We are excited to help teach this group and help them grow closer to Christ in a time in their lives when they are being drawn away.

So as we set out on this new journey of leading this new Sunday school class I want to ask for your prayers.  Pray for us as we seek the best study materials/lesson plans to reach our class.  Pray that those in our church who should be in this class will come out and participate.   Pray for us as we study and prepare that we will be open to being used by God however He sees fit.  Please keep praying!


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