a night out with my boy…

my boy Judah

my boy Judah

Yesterday, Judah awoke to another day of being sick and generally not doing well.  After 4 days of us trying to help him feel better we decided it was time for him to go see the pediatrician. Unfortunately, Erin is still under the weather too and so I loaded Judah up and took him to the doctor by myself.

Our pediatrician is Richmond, KY and this was one of those rare doctor visits where we were taken right back to the room to wait to see the doctor.  I could tell Judah was a little nervous so I began to hum and sing him some of the “Gummy Bear” song.  Right in the room he started dancing and laughing.  When our doctor came in the room, Judah was still smiling and let the doctor check him out without any troubles.  We found out that Judah has been battling the flu and were told to keep giving him the same meds and making sure he has lots of rest and liquids too!

After the doctor we decided to run some shopping errands at Walmart and then get something to eat.  As we walked around Walmart I noticed he was fading and so I asked Judah how he was holding up.  Judah replied with “Daddy, Gummy Bear!” And once again started dancing in the shopping cart.  We ended up leaving Walmart and making it a true redneck trip by hitting White Castle for supper.   Judah loved his Chicken Rings and french fries.  As we drove home he kept talking to me about his fries and rings and how much he liked them.

Even though he was sick and feeling pretty rough, Judah was still a happy little guy.  Don’t get me wrong there are times when he can be a stinker, but overall God has blessed us with a very easy going and happy little boy.  I don’t get a ton of time where it’s just me and him, so when I do I take full advantage of it.  I am thankful for both my kids and love night’s where I can just be Daddy and hope Judah gets over the flue soon!


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