searching for funding…

photo_8324_carouselWell, I am about to get in over my head again and dive full force into the world of grant writing.  The Lee County Recreational Center needs more funding for equipment, building maintenance, staffing, and ministry outreaches.  We are still seeking to generate more funding from our community, but the need for funding from outside resources such as grants is very real.

This week I began working with a company that assists in helping finding grants for non profits and next week I will have a more in depth training.  They are going to show me more of the what and where to look for funding that could possibly help us keep the ministry of the Lee County Recreational Center and various other ministries of KMM going.  Not only going, but hopefully thriving, so that more focus can be on the ministry aspects and less on the financial.

As I blogged about last summer, I was able to work on and help get a grant for the Rec Center through AT&T.  The biggest thing I learned through that experience is just how little I know about the world of grant writing and once again how over my head it all is.  So, the reason for this post is asking for your prayers.   Please pray that God will first of all direct us to grant options that can really help us out.  Pray for wisdom for me as I try to fill out and write all the information needed with clarity.  I want to be able to express well, the needs of this needed ministry.  Also, pray for time to be able to put in to do well on the grant writing process.  We are short staffed and so I have to be able to find balance between time to get all I need to get done with the Rec Center,FCA, all the ministries I’m involved in, and to also make sure I am giving my family the quality time that they need from me.  It’s a lot to think about, process and look forward to, so please join me in praying!


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