Snow Cream and Go Fish…

Maeven helping make snow cream!

Maeven helping make snow cream!

The Great Snowstorm of 2015 hit us pretty hard yesterday with well over a foot of snow falling here at our house.  For most of the day we weren’t even able to see the road in front of our house and so we did the safe thing and stayed in.  A day of being safe inside turned into a very fun day family day with lots of reading, wrestling, games, and treats!

The biggest hit of the day by far was the promise of snow cream.  All through the day we told the kids that if they played together, took a good nap, and were nice to each other we would have fun with the snow. Unfortunately, it was just too cold and windy to take them out  sledding, so snow cream became the reward for a good day.  After supper both kids joined me in the kitchen as we got a big bowl of snow and began mixing our condensed milk and vanilla in.  With each stir it was all the kids could do to keep their hands out of the bowl.  Finally once everything was mixed and out snow cream complete we each got a big bowl full and joined mom to watch cartoons as we snacked.

Once our treat was through we had family game time with lots of Candy Land, puzzles, and our first ever try at Go Fish.  Mom and Maeven teamed up to have a go at me.  I won the first round, but two rounds later I am pretty sure they were pulling one over on me, but I never figured out how.

I know lots of people were posting online about dreading being stuck in their houses due to the weather, but it turned out to be a great time for our family to spend together.  Hopefully today we can get out and enjoy the snow with some sledding!


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