missing my mountain dew…

sodaFor the past few weeks my wife and I have been discussing things that we want to really be diligent about asking God for help with.  Everything from future plans and directions for our family to getting healthier and more active.  As these conversations and prayers have been progressing we entered in the the Lenten season and decided we wanted to fast from something and use the time of fasting during lent as a time to be more diligent in praying for these areas of our lives and seeking God’s voice.  So the thing that I decided to give up and fast from is soda, or as we say here in Kentucky, pop!

I’m not a drink of ton of pop everyday guy, but I usually have at least one can or bottle each day.  I hadn’t really thought much about how having some pop is a regular part of my life in the past.  However, since beginning this soda fast I have noticed the cravings for a good old Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and even my Kentucky favorite Ale-8.  When those cravings or temptations for a pop hit now, they are a great reminder that I need to be spending that time engaging God in prayer.  I know that He has all the answers for myself and my family and will provide the direction that we need. I am excited to see what He accomplishes in us during this Lenten season.


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