be a new creation…

new_creationToday’s post comes out of a lot of thoughts I have been feeling since a Sunday School Lesson at church this past weekend.  Our lesson was on slothfulness and our discussion led us to talking about how in Christ we are new creatures and that He calls us to be be different.  As we discussed and processed the lesson together and then later on this week as I have thought about it a little more I couldn’t help but think of people I have known whether as friends, acquaintances, or just randomly met in ministry who have struggled with becoming the new creature that God wants them to be

2 Corinithians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.[a] The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” (ESV)  When we accept Christ as our savior and truly make Him Lord and King of our lives, He calls us to be a new creation.  He makes us something new, different, and better than the old sinful person that we were born as.  He no longer looks at our past, He doesn’t hold it against us, He changes us into what we can be with His guidance and love in our lives.  Unfortunatley, I know of several people who struggle with this.  When talking to people in the past one thing that I have often heard is “Well, that’s just who I am!”  People use who they were before Christ as a reason of why they fall back into sin and why they can’t be this new creature that Christ has called them to be.

Yes, “Just who I am,” is true if Christ is not present in our lives.  However, with Christ in our lives we are called to and are able to be more than “just who we are.”  We are able to be better than we can possibly imagine and we are able to have a huge impact on the world around us for Christ.   He doesn’t just give us fire insurance so that we can escape eternity in hell and say just be who you are as if nothing has changed.  Christ makes us a new creation, He makes us new, He makes us better, He makes us bolder, and He doesn’t stop working in our lives and causing us to grow as followers.  Sanctification continues our whole life as we daily grow closer go God and become more than who we were in His power.

So, maybe your past is pulling at you and you are using it as an excuse to not grow in Christ and not be the new creation that He has called you to be.  To you I say, stop it!  Realize you have the power of the one and only Almighty God who wants to do great things in and through you.  He doesn’t look at your past and say you are who you are and he can’t use you.  He says, there is someone that I can do great things with.  So please be the New Creation that God wants you to be!


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