Gearing up for FCA Leadership Camp 2015…

UnDefeated-Logos_3_legacyLast night we had our final meeting with our Lee County FCA students who are going to camp with us on Thursday.  We went through all the students need to know for going to camp, what paperwork to bring, what to pack, when we are leaving and coming back, and what the camp schedule looks like.  We are very excited as it looks like God has provided the needed funds for camp fees and transportation.  Out of all the years we have taken kids to camp this is the closest we have come to leaving for camp with funding in doubt so last night as the students brought in their money it was just awesome to see God providing.  Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our finances and we would ask you to keep praying for students as we head to camp Thursday.  Pray that God would begin working in their hearts even now that they would be receptive to the teaching and Bible training they receive at FCA Leadership Camp.  Pray that they would grow in their relationship with Christ and that they would come home ready to impact their schools, families, and communities for Christ.  Lastly, we ask you to pray that some of our students may even be challenged this week to give their lives to full time ministry.  God is working already and I will keep posting later this week to update you on how are kids are doing at camp.  Keep praying!


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