It’s time for a blog change…

Blog-imageI have been trying to do better again about blogging and wanting to write more.  The problem that I have is when I started this blog my focus was to do ministry updates and thoughts about various things that I am facing in ministry.  A couple of years into this blog though my wife and I started a blog to keep our Prayer and Support partners updated on what is going on the various aspects of ministry with KMM.  So, has really been doing a lot of what I wanted to do here.  So, now I am seeking a new direction for this blog and welcome any thoughts or ideas that you may have.  Along with this change in direction I am also considering a new name for this blog?  So, what are your thoughts?  I wanted to make this into a fun contest and though I can’t offer a big prize, if I choose your idea for a blog idea or blog name, you will win a pizza on me here at The Lee County Recreational Center.  So let me hear your thoughts! (serious thoughts only please!!!)


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