back to basics…

A couple of time this summer I have tried to get some ideas from readers about what direction to take this blog into.  I haven’t really gotten any feedback and at the same time, I haven’t had any bright ideas of my own.  Originally, I wanted to be some super thought provoking blogger on what all is going on in ministry in Southeastern Kentucky, but as time went on my wife and I needed a site that was an update for our prayer and financial supporters.  That website largely has done what this site was meant to do as far as keeping up with ministry updates.  So, I found myself running out of ideas to post on here and as you can tell by the sparse posts of this summer I have struggled with what to write.   So what to do what to do…

So as the title of this post suggests I am going to go back to basics.  This blog is going to be about things, ideas, issues and much more randomness that is on my mind and I am dealing with personally.  While I am sure there will be some ministry issues that pop up occasionally, if you really want to know what is going on with Erin in ministry go to  Please stay with me though as I process what this site is going to be come and work through various thoughts.  Hopefully it will be something that excites and draws your interest  as well as excites me to work on!


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