a pink weapon…

Maeven showing off her new weapon!

Maeven showing off her new weapon!

Well, last week it finally happened, even though I had made it 34 years of my life without it happening to me.  One of my kids got their first broken bone.  On Thursday, last week, my sweet little girl Maeven took a dive off some monkey bars and broke her wrist.  It took us till Friday afternoon and several hours in doctors offices and x-ray rooms to get her all set straight with her cast.  Thankfully she has been great and really likes showing everyone her neon pink weapon.  Why do I call it a weapon?  Well, before she left the doctors office, the doctor pulled Maeven aside, and let her know she wasn’t to hit her brother or anyone else with it.  So far she has been great about keeping this pink weapon from hitting anyone purposefully.  Although, as a good Daddy, I have learned that hugs can be painful when that hard cast makes contact with my head!  All, this to say, I am glad the fracture wasn’t more severe and that my little girl is recovering from what looks to be the first of many bone injuries for a very outgoing child!


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