going back to an addiction…

pouring_coffeeIt’s that time of year again.  The time of year when things get cool in the morning and you need that little extra oomph to get going each day.  You may be thinking yeah it’s fall or almost fall, but in truth, it’s coffee season!

Up until a few years ago I never drank coffee and never really had a desire for the stuff.  i grew up in a home where my mom had to have the coffee pot brewing in the morning before she could say good morning or I love you.  So, even when I had those all night study sessions in college I avoided the demon drink.  Then something happened, I got married and my wife got a Keurig coffee maker.

That machine that allowed me to brew single cups of various flavors of the coffee was just too tempting.  I also discovered a wide world of creamers that added even more flavor for a pansy coffee drinker like me and I was hooked and have been hooked ever sense.  However, there is only one thing that curbs my addiction, the heat.

During the warm summer months I can’t bring myself to drink anything hot.  Those months beg for cool drinks and so I withdraw from mid April to early September.  Then when the cool air starts creeping back in my empty coffee mugs start calling to me to fill them.

So, here I sit working on my second cup of coffee today.  Wishing I could quit, but knowing that there is still more that delicious demon beverage left in the pot!


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