a day with the kiddos…

Every year on election day, my wife and some of the other ladies of KMM take a shopping day in Lexington where they try to get a jump on their Chrismas shopping.  Usually during the shopping trip my mother-in-law keeps the kids and I do a normal day of work.  This year however, my mother-in-law was unable to keep the kids and so I have the day with them.

So, I have the kiddos all ready to go for a fun day out with Dad. I have kept them both by myself numerous times at home, but today is the first time I have really ventured out with them for a fun day somewhere other than Beattyville. I am a little nervous, but hearing my daughter tell me this morning that she is soo excited to be with me today is awesome.  Even though the day hasn’t even got going yet, I am super excited for this time with the kids and know I need to make these types of days more and more of a priority!


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