a great family movie…

peanutsposter_charlieA few years back, my mother bought our kids the blu-ray of “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown,” and ever since then our kids have been big Charlie Brown fans.  This summer while watching another movie our daughter saw the preview for “Peanuts” and has been wondering and asking over and over when we could see the movie.  Well, on Sunday afternoon my wife and I took finally were able to take our two kids to see the new “Peanuts Movie.”

We had a blast taking the kids to the movie.  There is something special about seeing your little ones all excited to go into the theatre and then sitting their with their popcorn taking in every minute of the film.  And speaking of very minute at only an hour and a half this film was the perfect time to hold the attention of 3 and 5 year old kids like we have.  Another great thing about the “Peanuts Movie” is that we didn’t have to worry about having to explain anything bad to our kids or wondering if anything crude or rude was going to pop up at any time.  The movie was wholesome, funny, and even taught a great lesson about being kind, respectful, looking out for others, and doing what’s right no matter what others think of you.  In a world where every kids movie seems to have adult themes, double entendres, and potty humor it’s nice to have a movie that was great for our family and that I can recommend to other families. So if you get a chance go see “The Peanuts Movie!”


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