struggling with words…

love this little guy!

love this little guy!

As many of you have know or have read on here in the past, we have been concerned with my son Judah’s lack of speech.  Over the past year he has progressed slowly, but there still seems to be quite the delay compared to kids his age and where his sister was at this age.  Judah can talk and say certain things, but he has a hard time putting together sentences and expressing himself.  When we were at Disney last month, there were often times he would get overly stimulated by all the excitement, sights, and sounds.  The more stimulated he got, the more frustrated he grew because he couldn’t tell us what he was thinking and feeling.  In turn he would often act out due to all the frustration that had built up and we knew we had to seek help.

Yesterday we took Judah to get tested to see if he qualified for speech therapy.  Judah cooperated great with the speech pathologist and did all the testing.  After which we found out that he is definitely behind on his expressive speech and will be starting speech therapy next week and going weekly.  We are excited and happy to know that Judah will finally getting the help he needs and hopefully his frustration will start to ease as words come.  It’s also a blessing to know that there is no disability, but a delay that in time He will be able to overcome.  Please pray with Erin and I, that this will be a good thing and that our sweet boy Judah will soon be able to express exactly what he is thinking and feeling.


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