starting the week off tired…but choosing joy

IMG_0059This week is already off the a rough start for me.  Due to allergies and varios other things that are flowing around in my mind, I started off today, Monday, the first day of the work week…..tired.  I hate starting the week off tired as Mondays while representing all the things one must accomplish in the upcoming week, also represent all the potential to do and accomplish a lot of great things.  So this morning as I try to get moving, and try to get myself psyched up for the week ahead, I spent my prayer time asking God to help me to have energy, be joyful about all the possiblities and potential for great things this week has, and just be thankfulf or another day and week of life God has blessed me with.  Through foggy tired eyes, its hard to get excited about all we face in life, and I am by no means saying pray and you automatically will be Suzy Sunshine.  However, through praying I am reminding myself what a great God I serve, and that no matter what the week looks like, He will be there with me and so I have hope and joy!  So if you are like me and slow moving this morning and not looking forward to the week, spend some time talking with our great God and choose joy!


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