another year older…35…


On Wednesday, December 2, 2015 I turned the big 3-5.  To be honest it came and went with little excitement on my part.  In some ways it was fitting that it fell on a Wednesday.  You know Wednesdays are those days of the week where we feel sorta just alright and hope we make it through.  That’s sort of how I felt about getting older.  As I get older, I look back and  I am thankful and excited for all that God has blessed me with like my amazing family.  Waking up another year older and getting birthday hugs and cards from my kids was awesome.  

And as I look at 35 there is really nothing that I am depressed about, but there are areas of life I feel stalled in right now and know I want to change before 36.  For instance, I know my relationship with Christ needs to grow deeper this year.  I want to move beyond surving and start thriving.  I want to find more and more refreshment through diving deeper into the Word.  I want to seek Christ more and more for what He has for my future.  The complacency and survival mode I often find myself in is not where He wants me and not what He has planned for me.  I want to use my gifts, talents, and my whole being to bring Christ honor and glory and not be stuck in the rut of just doing ok.  

While I am excited and thankful for my family, when I get to 36 next year, I want to be found to be a much improved and still improving father and husband.  My family deserves my best and deserves an active father/husband who comes home excited and not defeated.  I want to be there for them when they need me and not just when the schedule fits.  While I pray daily for the spiritual needs for my wife and kids, I want to be more active as the spiritual leader in our family, leading them to grow deeper in their relationships with Christ.  And in the case of my son who has not yet accepted Christ, letting him know how much Jesus loves him and sharing how he to can have an awesome relationship with Christ.  

I know at 35 that I am not the Godly man, husband, and father that God has called me to be.  I don’t want to arrive at 36 with this same feeling of being in a rut.  Please pray for me this year that I will grow in my walk with Christ and be growing into the man he wants me to be.  Pray for my family that they will seen the husband and father that they need in me.  Pray for wisdom in decisions that I have to make.  Pray that when others look at me they see Christ in me.  I am serving a great God who has called me to great things in Him.  Pray that I will answer His call always…


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