daddy Christmas present construction…

Dedicated-Dad-with-toys-on-Christmas-DayAnother year and another set of gifts to put together. Last night I finished up two nights of putting together Christmas gifts for my son.  I battled stripped screws, missing pieces, and confusing instructions to finally put together a toy firehouse for over 5 hours total.  Once that was finished I realized not only would this year include figuring out something like a play set, but also putting together technology by loading apps onto a learning toy.  When I finally got in bed my head was numb from looking at all the small print instructions.   But I closed my eyes and settled down for a peaceful night of sweet dreams.  However, a very short time into my slumber it dawned on me that I have a huge project left that is the Christmas gift my parents bought my children for Christmas!!!  I love my children and I am happy to put these things together for them, but I am seriously considering a rule for anyone buying them gifts next year.  That rule is, “If you buy it, you put it together!”


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