A great morning with students…

This morning I was once again blessed to spend time with some of our middle school students at our weekly FCA Huddle.  Last week we were down in numbers, but this week we were busting at the seems with almost 40 students in attendance.  Many of the students that were there weren’t at our Rec Center NYE Teen Lock-In where I gave the devotion.   So for this morning’s devotion I did a shorter version of the one I gave New Year’s Eve.  I talked to the students about how they don’t need to let others and themselves label and determine who and how they will be as people.  I encouraged them that God has a plan specifically for them and He is the only one who has a right to label and direct their paths.  It seemed like most of our students were listening today as I challenged them to accept Christ and follow His will for their lives if they haven’t already, and if they have already, I challenged them to not let labels hold them back from following a God they know loves them so very much.  Please pray for our students as they think about our devotion this morning that they won’t let the labels that the world give them and the patterns the world tries to put them in determine the course of their lives.  Pray that they will submit to God and trust that he has the perfect path for their lives!


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