…hanging on to sentimentality…

My wife has been very busy doing an early spring cleaning and decluttering around our house.  She always says that where she has moved a lot over the course of her life that she has no problem with letting go of things.  I kid her that she just has a cold heart, while I on the other hand admittedly struggle.  While not a hoarder or a junker, when something has a sentiment to it, it’s tough for me to let it go.  So, one of the things that my wife has really been working on is getting me to move on from things that I have no “Good” reason to hang on to.  I am a work in progress, but slowly am relenting to her will to declutter and downsize.  Hopefully as I sort through boxes of memories and hopes that I will actually use things again, I can make peace, move on, and let go.  If not, well, I may be sleeping on the couch…just kidding…I hope!


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