…waking up is hard to do…

Yesterday, I posted about my struggle to let go and declutter and so today I figured I would just keep on confessing my struggles.  Mornings are my enemy.   At night I struggle to wind down from the day and end of staying up late, and quite often when I do go to bed struggle with insomnia.  With both of those issues it makes morning a tough time for me.  I am the type of person that can stay up all night for a youth lock-in, but when I do go to sleep I am dead.  I still am able to get moving when I really have somewhere to go to or to do, but those mornings where nothing is pressing are rough.  I realize how much more productive I could be in the mornings if I would get going.  More time would be available for reading, time with the family, chores, and most importantly quiet time with God.  It’s a struggle that I am giving over to prayer and trying to change my ways.  Any advice from other non-morning people is much appreciated!


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