cutting the cord…

cable-tv-alternatives-ways-watch-free-tv-movies-online-streaming-lower-bill-save_0With our move to Richmond and ministry transitions, our family has made lots of changes over the past couple of months.  One of those changes is the way that we watch television. For the past several years we had lived so rurally that we were unable to pick up even basic network channels via antenna in our house.  Until a year ago we were unable to get high speed internet in order to stream television as well.  So with these limitations we at different times used both of the two major satellite companies.  However, with our move to Richmond, we had something that we have never had before…options.

When we moved to Richmond, we decided to cut the cords and disconnect from satellite and cable tv.  This was partly because we live of a support based income with the ministry we are in and are in the middle of raising all our needed support.  With our total support still unknown we are cutting areas of our budget that can go out.  Also, now living in Richmond we are able to actually get antenna signal and great high speed internet!

So, now we are unplugged and just streaming shows we like and watching our basic network channels.  To be honest I haven’t really missed the satellite channels all that much and find myself watching less television.  This may also be due to being super busy right now working on our support, but also I don’t have that temptation waiting on me.  We are also saving a good chunk of money in our budget which is really nice.  The only time I am going to really miss it is when my Wildcats play on ESPN or the SEC network!


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