reflecting on another year…

On Friday, I “celebrated” my 36th birthday.  For a year that has had so many big life changes and still seems to be in flux the big day came and went with little to no excitement.

I am thankful though for all that God has done in this past year.  From giving my wife and I a clear vision to join staff with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, to actually having the courage to move forward and leave the ministry we have been with for the past 11 years and that I grew up in.  Since then it’s been a year of faith and trusting God to take care of our family through the selling of our old house and buying of a new one, moving to a new city, and once again raising support.  Then this fall came the biggest and most unexpected event, when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Through it all God has been faithful.  He has truly kept His word in Hebrews 13:5 where He promises that He will never leave us, nor forsake us.  I don’t know what this next year is going to bring, but hopefully it won’t be quite as eventful.  No matter what I know God is in control.  Maybe #37 will be a bday that is a little more exciting and not weighed down by life.


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