is this worth it???

So, this is going to seem like old news, but for the past year I have been terrible at blogging. I would like to say inconsistent, but when I look back at my lack of posts in 2019, I was just downright terrible at it. Looking at 2020, I am wondering if it is even worth keeping up this site and attempting to blog?

With that in mind I am laying down a couple of challenges to start this this year that I can look back at as goals achieved or failed towards the end 2020. The first goal is that I want to post 3 to 4 times each month. I once read a quote that said the best way to become a writer is to sit down and write even when you don’t feel like it. So, I do want to blog and in order to do that I will have to make myself do it. The second goal is what type of feedback I get from you the reader. I don’t mean superficial Instagram likes for approval, but whether or not I actually hear from readers and see that people are actually reading.

So, is blogging worth it? Is it worth my time and effort? I’m not for sure, but by the end of 2020, I’ll know and you will too. To those who have stuck with this blog, thanks for the encouragement and I hope to do better!

One thought on “is this worth it???

  1. If you enjoy it then it is worth it, you would need to understand what are you hoping to gain from this platform? Also maybe looking at other blog platforms where you may get more attention, as there are so many. I am new to this world and am just starting. I enjoy it as it helps me to be creative and I get to unleash thoughts. I may create a book with those thoughts, who knows but you try! As long as it makes you smile when you are done! I started connecting with other bloggers on other platforms to start collaborating that is another interesting way of connecting too!

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