an unexpected date…

This morning started off as busy as ever with going to visit a local high school for an FCA Coaches Breakfast. It was great to be with the coaches as they heard a devotion from the Word and enjoyed a time of fellowship around a great breakfast. From there I was supposed to pick up my wife and go to interview a potential hire for our area with FCA. Not sure what happened but the interviewee didn’t show up. However, rather than being discouraged or upset, I actually had a great time. For the past few weeks I have been traveling like crazy for training and other ministry things, which has been great but has been tough being away from my family.

Today was perfect though, as I was able to accidentally get a nice coffee date to enjoy some time catching up with my wife. Nothing exciting or life changing happened, but just being able to enjoy each other’s company and not be in a rush to the next thing was a huge blessing. Throw on top of that some really good coffee and it it was pretty awesome. While most times someone not showing up for a meeting is a pain, today it was a blessing that I am thankful for!

is this worth it???

So, this is going to seem like old news, but for the past year I have been terrible at blogging. I would like to say inconsistent, but when I look back at my lack of posts in 2019, I was just downright terrible at it. Looking at 2020, I am wondering if it is even worth keeping up this site and attempting to blog?

With that in mind I am laying down a couple of challenges to start this this year that I can look back at as goals achieved or failed towards the end 2020. The first goal is that I want to post 3 to 4 times each month. I once read a quote that said the best way to become a writer is to sit down and write even when you don’t feel like it. So, I do want to blog and in order to do that I will have to make myself do it. The second goal is what type of feedback I get from you the reader. I don’t mean superficial Instagram likes for approval, but whether or not I actually hear from readers and see that people are actually reading.

So, is blogging worth it? Is it worth my time and effort? I’m not for sure, but by the end of 2020, I’ll know and you will too. To those who have stuck with this blog, thanks for the encouragement and I hope to do better!

Leadership Camp Ready…

This is one of my favorite times of year as we are gearing up to head to our annual FCA Leadership Camp this weekend. I absolutely love Leadership Camp. Not only do I get to catch up with awesome people who serve with FCA and have a really good time with my family, most importantly I get to see lives changed for Christ.

Too often in the area I live in it seems that our churches are concerned with entertaining our youth and at best providing fire insurance through helping students get “Saved.” Quickly, let me say that this is not all the churches in our area there are some that are doing amazing things to disciple their students into young men and women that love the Lord and put Him first in every area of their lives. However, for some that doesn’t seem to be happening.

This is why I love Leadership Camp. We are able to take students out of their comfort zone and really help them to grow in their walk with Christ. To see that God didn’t call them to fire insurance, but to a growing thriving relationship with Himself. At Leadership Camp we work with students on knowing what they believe and why. Not just having to say what someone else has told them, but being able to go to the Scripture and point right to why they believe something. Also, we work with them on understanding there are Biblical absolutes. Things that God is very clear on are wrong and right and we don’t just get to decide what works for us. The students at Leadership Camp are then taught how to share their testimonies, how to share the Gospel, and then sent out to do that very thing while at Camp. Each year we see lives that are changed, stretched, and grow in leaps and bounds for Christ.

Please join me in praying for all the students who will be heading to Leadership Camp this weekend, for all the staff and volunteers that will be pouring into them, and just that lives will be fully surrendered to Christ and will be prepared to come home and impact their campuses and communities for Christ. God is going to do something great and I thank you for your prayer partnership in what He will do!