Book Report – The Lonesome Gods

IMG_2880I am still faithfully working on this year’s empty shelf challenge.  For my next Fiction read I went back to an old favorite, “The Lonesome Gods” by Louis L’Amour.  From the time I was 18 until my kids were born when I was 29 I had a tradition that I would read two of my favorite books by Louis L’Amour at least once a year.  One of those two books was “The Lonesome Gods.”

Don’t worry this book is not about Gods or anything heretical.  The book is actually a western about a young boy named Johannes Verne.  The book starts off with Johannes traveling in a wagon to California with his dying father and a host of other westward pioneers.  You quickly find out that Johannes’ father is a widower who is taking his son to live with father-in-law.  The only catch is that the Grandfather is a Spanish Don who hates the father and wants both the father and any trace of his daughter’s marriage wiped out.  The Grandfather eventually meets them in the dessert outside of early Los Angeles and has the father killed and leaves the grandson to die alone in the desert.  As you can guess the boy survives and the rest of the book tells of him growing up and dealing with those who killed his father and left him for dead.  It also does a great job of showing how hatred can ruin lives and and forgiveness allows one to move on in life.  I don’t want to go into too much detail and spoil the book, but you won’t be disappointed.

I have read this book over 12 times and still find myself wanting to read it again and again.  If you make the decision to dive in you won’t be disappointed.  This book has everything a good book should have action, adventure, a little romance, great character development, great plot, and even timeless truths that can be learned.  So, please, go get a copy and read “The Lonesome Gods.”