have you had your check up???

Health Screening Flyer 2014One of the things that I love about working at the Rec Center ministry where I am do, is that we are able to reach two vital needs people have.  We are able to reach their physical needs and their spiritual needs.  Through reaching the physical need with our fitness center, health screenings, Biggest Loser contest, and various other activities we try to get our community concerned with and looking to take care of themselves physically.  As they do so we want to build relationships with them in order to share the love of Christ and connect them with local churches and Bible studies, and in some cases even Christian counseling.  In 1 Corinthians we read of how the Apostle Paul says that he became all thing or became a servant to all in order to see more people saved.  Here we see a need of how people are really struggling in our area physically and want to become a place and an outreach to help them take control of their lives physically in order to help reach them wherever they are spiritually.

Currently, we are having our annual Biggest Loser contest at the Rec Center to help challenge and help our community meet their weight loss goals.  We presently have over 20 people in the contest and many are seeing results.  Later this month we are having a free health screening in partnership with our local hospital and health department.  Anyone in the community can come in and get screened for various issues like blood pressure, lipid panels and much more for FREE!  It’s a great chance for people who don’t want to spend the money for these tests to make sure they are doing ok physically. And most importantly it’s another chance for us to get people in the door to build relationships that lead to Jesus.

Please keep myself, our staff, and all the ministries of the Lee County Recreational Center (www.leecountyreccenter.com) in your prayers.  We want to serve our community and be a shining light for Christ in our community.

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 3

bodybyviThis week has been about maintaining.   I am proud to say that I haven’t gained anything, but at the same time I haven’t lost.   As I try to remind everyone who works out at the Rec Center and participates in our  Biggest Loser contest, when you start working out at dieting after being dormant for a while you eventually hit a plateau.  I have to remind myself not to get discouraged, but that if I keep up and doing well on my diet and exercise, the downhill process will start up again!   So, hopefully when I update you next week, I will be losing again!   As always, let me know if you want to join me on this weight-loss journey!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 2

Biggest Loser 01I have completed my second week of this 90 Day Challenge and I am happy to report that things are going great.  I am officially down 9 lbs from my starting weight two weeks ago.  It’s been very encouraging to get off to a fast start and see the weight drop and the pants loosen up a bit!  Unfortunately, I have been sick and haven’t been able to add exercise to my diet the way that I would like to.  Hopefully, by next week I will be able to shake off these sickness issues and get some good productive exercise thrown into my weight-loss program!  How are you doing with your own weight-loss resolutions and goals?  I would still love to have you join me on my 90 Day Challenge, so contact me today!

90 Day Challenge Update – Week 1

bodybyviToday I am one week into my new Body by Vi challenge.   It’s been a tough week with sickness invading the family and tons of stuff going on, but I am happy to report that I am down 3.4 lbs. since I began this new challenge last Wednesday! I am very excited to be moving in this direction again and really want to get more people to join me.  At the Rec Center, 2013Biggest_Loser_Flyerbeginning this month, we are doing our annual Biggest Loser Competition.  So far over 20 people from the community have joined and committed themselves to getting healthier over the next three months.  I hope to be able to convince some of them to join me on my 90 Day Challenge as a way to aid them in their weight-loss and fitness goals.  If you live in this area and would like to join our Biggest Loser contest stop by the Lee County Recreational Center and see me asap!  There is no cost to join and we have cash prizes.  No matter where you live, please consider joining me on my 90 Day Challenge.  Hopefully together we can get healthier!!!

a snow day to catch up…

Monday’s at the Rec Center are usually pretty hectic with trying to clean up and recover from the busy weekend, as well as get ready for the week ahead.   Besides getting ahead and catching up, Mondays also are busy with after school bowling league and homeschooling our student.  Today however, I awoke to a very nice surprise….snow!

With the snow, came a text that school in Lee County had been cancelled and when there is a snow day there is not teaching or after school leagues.  And while I do love those ministries after a week away at the missions conference, I really needed a day to catch up on lots of stuff.   I was able to get lots of office work like updating the website and making billing invoices for food orders completed as well as work on studies for upcoming Bible studies and FCA.

God is always giving me so much to be thankful for, but days like today are a huge blessing.  When life gets hectic and looks even more hectic in the future, snow days like today are a blessing to be able to breath, get caught up and even get ahead.   I am truly thankful for my snow day, and maybe even secretly wishing it will be cold enough that their will be no school tomorrow as well!